Feature Request: Repeat Regular Events

Whilst I’ve yet to set up an event myself (usually managed by others on our group), I asked James about whether it is possible to setup an event to run regularly .e.g. same time same day every week for a year or 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month for a year. Or this event description on the following selected dates.

This would save a lot of time for advance planning of events on known or regular dates where the description or venues don’t change.

Would such a feature be of use to others as well?

Yes, we also run a regular Sunday event and then some pop-up events at other times, so this would be useful for us as well!

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Yes it would! We have our event every second saturday of the month. Normally at the same spot. Just once in awhile we have to change location, and every now and than we have an extra event e.g. for a good cause. So something like a “duplicate” button for an event or field? Because, apart from the date nothing much ever really changes.

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Just linking in @4ndy’s similar request here:


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It sounds like this feature might also be useful for @Anne_Carlos (West Fleetwood Computer Clinic). The group runs a standard drop-in session every other Monday (same time & venue each time).

Anne, feel free to vote for this feature by clicking the ‘Vote’ button to the left of the discussion title above :slight_smile:

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this would be a really useful feature for us as we have recently started running fix’s every tuesday evening.


I’ve only just realised where and how voting is done it might be and idea to do a small feature on explaining that to members or making it more obvious in some way. I’m wondering if overlay animations can be done on this

(@james I just added this msg… I’m now unsure if it had been originally sent weeks ago when i first wrote it and it just came up as an unsent still editing msg when i visited this conversation. Bizarre)

Good to know, thanks for this Divya.

Voting is covered in the pinned discussion in this category, but it sounds like it’s not particularly obvious at the moment:

Perhaps we can start linking to this explanation in the first post of each feature request discussion…

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