Feature idea: shareable impact visualisations



During a chat with @Jessika_Richter (Malmö), she mentioned it would be useful to be able to easily share her group’s impact measurements (CO2, e-waste diverted) on social media.

(The existing embed function isn’t particularly useful for them as they don’t have their own website yet.)

It would be cool to be able to automatically generate shareable, social-media-friendly ‘cards’ displaying the impact of events and groups.

(Assume it’s too late to tie this into Benjamin’s work @Janet?)

Fixometer: Viewing your impact

Agreed it would be very useful - it’s come up before and is on the roadmap as a mid-term thing for now, I’ve linked that to this topic now.

What would be some design ideas for this?


Yes!! I have even done it where I have taken a screenshot of our impact stats on the restarter page and cropped it to a picture - very rough, but people still liked it. But yes, a simple way to get a picture of our impact is nice to communicate to our followers (mostly on facebook)…



Feel free to vote for this feature @Jessika_Richter :slight_smile:

You can do that by clicking the ‘Vote’ button next to the title at the top:


I’m pleased to say we’ve added this feature to our development plan. We’ll hopefully be starting work on this in the near future :slight_smile: