Error message when adding a device in Fixometer



See screen. Message appears after pressing ADD button. Error can be cleared by clicking OK and then refreshing the page.


Thanks James, I’ve logged the issue with the developers.

Just confirming - were you able to continue adding devices? (It looks like it from looking at the event, but just want to make sure.)


Yes, after clearing the error was able to continue.


I got this too at the Goodlife Centre on Sunday, on an Android tablet.
After dismissing the popup I then needed to refresh the page to see the new device that I’d added.

FYI, other than that, entering the data “live” at the event was quite good.


When I had this problem today, the item did not appear to be added after dismissing the alert. On trying to add the item again, the same pop-up appeared, with the number at the end incremented from 0 to 1.
After refreshing the page, I could see two copies of the item, so deleted one, then started adding more details to the one I had left.

On clicking “Save device”, I got another alert, this time just saying “[object Object]” without the number, and all the item’s fields were greyed out after dismissing it. They still are as I write this, so trying to refresh and…
The item appears fine except only one of 5 Device images that I uploaded is there - standard maximum right now I guess.

Adding another item I get the same behaviour as before and need to refresh the page to see any more as I add them.

Opening some other pages to edit old device descriptions, this alert did not occur. idk what changed unless this was fixed in the last hour :confused:


Thanks for reporting guys - I’ve looked into this myself now and hope I have got to the bottom of it. I’ve pushed a fix to a couple of issues I could see. Perhaps if you could have a check again if you get a spare moment (you can add a device to a past event and then remove the device again.) Noting that this involved some Javascript changes so worth refreshing the page in the browser first just to make sure.

@Dave - did you get this for every item?

To your point @4ndy - from looking at the code my best estimate is that the first alert you report (where there is a number after the [object Object]) was a mistake made by one of the team, leaving some debug code in. The second alert you report, where it is just [object Object], is different - did you by chance mark it as being a good case study for future Restarters?

Re: device images, there should be no limit on the number of images per device. Could you try again please and confirm if you are restricted to 1? It should allow more and may have been related to the fact you received an error.

From looking at the code the first alert would only have affected when adding, not editing.

Thanks for the detailed info @4ndy, very helpful when debugging :+1:


Hi Neil, seems to be working for me now. Thanks!


Yep, that was one of the devices entered, forgot that detail. Well spotted.


I’ll mark this as resolved as there’s been no further reports - but please comment if you experience it again. Thanks!

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