Dyson hoover accessories

Really don’t ask how, but I have come into the possession of a fabulous joblot of Dyson hoover accessories. Mostly brushes, “crevice tools”, head parts… About 20 pieces total. I would bring them to Restart Parties in London to give away a couple at a time but they are a little too bulky.

Anybody in London is welcome to the lot, for pick up in Brixton, or I can arrange to hand over at a Restart Party :slight_smile:


Hello Janet, I have picked up a dyson; clean up and it worked. I do not have any accessories and still waiting for one to turn up on Freecycle.
Can you save the carpet bit, the skinny sucker stick and the bit for stair for me please if you have any. It’s the click clip on system.
Fingers Crossed.
Thank you.

Ok @WeeLee I added a photo of all of the lovely parts in the original post. Can you direct message me back with your preferred parts?

Dear Janet,
Well done. Amazing collection. Thanks for taking photo.
I have circled in pink those parts I needed for me and friends. I just pass it along.

I hope you can see the screenshot of your image with pink circles choices.
Thank you Janet.

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