Do you have an old Nexus 4 lying around?



Send us your dusty Google Nexus 4 phones!

Donate them to us and we’ll inspire and educate the next generation of repairers through hands-on repair workshops. (Any condition or network lock ok, but they must power on.)

We’re at:

The Restart Project
3Space (International House)
6 Canterbury Crescent
Brixton, London

Feel free to ask any questions :+1:


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Thanks so much!


Thanks @Alistair_Brown for the Nexus 4 :raised_hands:

Received it today!


I hope you include not only the hardware repair but also software repair as you really need both to run your Smartphone. Then if you choose Nexus 4 for this reason, you are so great.:smiley:

You would be challenged if the students would feel that it is worth replacing screen and battery with Nexus 4 (2013) then don’t make an excuse this is a pure education propose only ? Then they cannot change the relationship with their smartphone profoundly.

Then you have to prove that Nexus 4 is really worth taking care of at 2019. Thanks to the open source community, you are able to use the latest Android 9 Pie with Nexus 4.

· Google Nexus 4 (mako)

(Still supported for Android Pie release!) commented by XDA

Probably Nexus 4 with the Latest Opensource clean Android OS would be more comfortable than your 3 years old Android Bloatware Smartphone.

In order to change the relationship with your Smartphone, you need a a great emotional durable technology such as “Custom Rom”, (I borrowed Professor Jonathan Chapman’s concept of “emotional Durable Design) Literally 2013 Nexus 4 is reborn with the latest optimised bloadware free Andoid OS at 2019.

You really need to have your own funky cool user experience to change the attitude against your gadget. Some of smart students would check about the Custom Rom. Don’t limit their potentiality, educate yourself, experience yourself and share your experience. I am pretty share the students will be falling love with the Nexus 4.with deep emotional attachments lol.

Happy Repairing.


Toshi we did in fact save the most pristine Nexus 4 for a custom ROM install :wink: to show off to students, much like our FP2. But installing a custom ROM this is not something we can probably do in 10 minutes, or even one hour, together with students (like the disassemble/reassemble exercise). We’ll probably need to have them pre-installed. Any help with this would be much appreciated!


No you don’t have to show the installation of custom rom at all, this is not important at all.
You are able to use 2013 hardware devices with latest 2019 Android OS, this is the important issue. As a matter of fact, Android 9 / pie users are very few.

If you have 4 years old Android 6 and never upgrade, and getting slower, what you would expect ? Practically the majority of general users are not willing to replace their battery etc, instead, they are waiting for battery running out. damage screen or water damage , waiting for the reason to give up their smartphone. If you are able to use the latest OS with the security patches, you have the plenty of reason to replace their battery, and screen etc.

Well, you can show off Android Pie /9 in a second here.

Some of smart students will appreciate this! and they will learn the importance of software and application !