Copy events

Feature request: add an option under “Event actions” or “Group actions” to copy a previous event to speed up making a new one in the same location.

Ideally the former option from an event page would give you a new event creation page with all the fields filled in with whatever was on the event that you were just looking at, and/or the latter option from a group page could give you a menu to pick from previous events to copy the details from, then do the same thing.

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Hi Andy, this seems like a sensible idea to me - one that would greatly speed up the workflow for a lot of organisers.

Once @neil is back, we can have a think about whether/how/when to build this

Nice idea @4ndy, thanks! - couple of thoughts:

  • For the date/time of the new event, I’d opt for clearing that rather than copying, would you agree?
  • The former option (selecting ‘Copy Event’ while viewing an existing event) would be easier to implement, so I think we’d probably go with that, at least to begin.

What kind of priority would you place this?

I would like it to retain the start & end times, but clear (ideally prompt for) the date. This is what Eventbrite tries to do, but they do a shit job of it, changing times and not updating rsvp deadlines.
I would give this a medium priority. As James said it would have a powerful effect on UX, but the existing form is not broken and you know what they say.