Cannot view Tooting group



When logged in to the site, if I go to I get an error page:

  • User : Anthony Jones
  • Error : 500
  • Time : 2018-10-12 23:49:23
  • URL : (group url)
  • Previous URL : (group url)

In fact, I’ve just tried another group, #54 which I’m a member of, and I get the same error page.

Cant access event on fixomter

Hi, I’m wanting to update the fixometer with results from today’s event. Cannot see the event page:


Thanks for flagging this @Anthony_Jones and @Mike_Grahn. I’m getting the same 500 error when trying to access the page for both Restarters Tooting and the Brixton Remakery, but only those two groups.

Looks like the groups are still there as they appear on the main site (Tooting, Brixton).

@neil is away at the moment, but we can start looking into this on Monday.


@Mike_Grahn, there is a workaround for accessing today’s event: from tomorrow, the event should appear on the list of past events. From there, you should be able to access the event to add your data.


Hi both - should be fixed now.

I checked in the DB and you were assigned a skill that doesn’t exist, Anthony! Did you change your skills recently? There must be a bug in the skill editing code. I’ll get the team to fix that. This was causing the issue with the two groups.



Ah, yes. No time like the present… Only yesterday and tomorrow exist.

Thanks, James - will update then.



Thanks for looking in to this Neil. Yes, I had edited my skill tags. When you go to the profile screen and click in the skills box a text marker appears and you can type in anything, which then appears above the box. When you hit Enter the text is added as a skill.

I think you’ve solved the problem for me, I can now view my groups. I’ll let you know if I see the error screen again.


Ahhh, thanks @Anthony_Jones ! I was wondering how it happened - that could indeed be it, thanks a lot for shining a light on it.