Call for ideas for the radio show!

Also, on a close reading of the decision, the Apple investigator alleged the counterfeit part was the glass. Perhaps Huseby can argue only the glass should be removed and destroyed. But appears the three other parts of the LCD assembly are OEM. Why can’t they be salvaged? :wink:

I have a letter to the editor published in Dagens Næringsliv, the main business daily in Norway (in their paper and online edition). I will send you the English translation once it is published. I haven’t seen the decision from this case (Ido have the one from the first case if you haven’t seen it) . Do you have a copy and can send it to me?

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The letter is published in Norwegian, but I made an English translation and published it on the blog of our SMART project:

I now read the decision in the appeal case. We are gathering some experts in the SMART project and hope to support Henrik when he takes the case to the Supreme Court.

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