Call for ideas for the radio show!



Hello everyone, Isabel here!

Next week on the radio show we are talking about CAMERAS! our right to repair and hack them, their durability vs repairability… digital cameras, smartphone cameras, gopros, or, why not, camera drones?

Have you got any camera repair stories? Any news stories or links you’d like to share? This is the space to share!


Call for volunteers !

Home Automation is the topic for next week’s radio show! Would volunteers be interested in joining the show? maybe @Dave, @Panda?

We can help with some research and ideas for discussion. In terms of news stories, we’d definitely like to chat about Huawei’s horrible idea of smashing smartphones and Samsung’s agreement to arbitrate the health and safety claims of Korean workers.

(I’ve also contacted volunteer Andrew Gabriel - hopefully he’ll share his experience setting up and repairing this system)

Please let me know if you’d want to join!


Hi @isabel, OK, I can make it next Tuesday.

Let’s also talk about IoT gaslighting:


That’s great, and @Panda can join too! So we’ll have the last Takeover of the season (no radio in August).

And wow, I hadn’t heard of IoT gaslighting - definitely to discuss on the show!


Andrew Gabriel is joining the show too!


One more bit of tech news:

Not sure what it means yet, but it’s interesting.


@isabel are we meeting up beforehand?
If so, where & when?


the three of you should be together now? looking forward to the show!


We’re planning the next couple of months of radio shows and podcasts, and we’d love to hear your ideas for topics to discuss, or guests to invite to the live show. And of course people to invite for longer, prerecorded interviews on our podcast…


Maybe it is in a podcast I missed, but what about the idea of repurposing old computers into home servers or other dedicated machines? I have an older computer I have been wanting to convert into a media server for my home and I am sure there are other options or there, maybe setting up an old laptop to control home automation - the laptop has a built in back up battery if the house loses power. A desktop may not be the best at keeping up with new games or editing software, but that doesn’t mean they are useless. Maybe talk about open source alternatives to programs we have completely integrated into our lives - OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Google Docs for word processing or presentations; GIMP as a photo editor. I am aware that some of the free open source software don’t have the same features as paid software, but expensive software shouldn’t prevent someone from trying something new.

Edited to fix typos that I noticed.


Cool idea @Darin! We have never talked about this - second lives for computers. And I love to talk about Linux and FOSS software on the radio, I learned as during BBC interviews. It’s so out of the ordinary and important.


For a cool and untold Right to Repair story, might be interesting to interview Henrik Huseby, the Norwegian repairer who successfully fought off Apple’s seizure of his iPhone screens earlier this year. Here’s his business:


Wondering if @Kaja_Juul_Skarbo @Maja_van_der_Velden might be interested in helping us make contact? :norway:


Yes, I can contact him. BTW Apple appealed and it is not yet known if the court will hear the appeal.


Huh, I was wondering about that! Perhaps he want might some more publicity/support if Apple has a real chance again…? Please connect Henrik to @isabel if he is interested! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey @Maja_van_der_Velden, any news from Henrik by any chance? :slight_smile:


Hi! Henrik wrote that he doesn’t want to talk about the case until the appeal (by Apple) has been heard. This happens on June 4th, 2019. I will try to follow the case and let you know what happened. Remind me if you don’t hear from me :wink: