Bug: start/end time field on event creation page not working



@Maja_van_der_Velden of Restarters Oslo has been having an issue with the start/end field when creating a new event on Firefox. It sounds like regardless of the times entered in those fields, clicking ‘Create event’ doesn’t work and those fields are flagged as in the screenshot below:

[Firefox Quantum 62.0.3 (64-bit) on MacOS 10.11.6]

I’m guessing that in this instance, it was flagged as an error as it spans 2 days (12:00 to 03:00 - instead of 15:00). But Maja said that after she entered '15:00; it automatically became 03:00.

Additionally, the fields display: --:-- -- when blank - looks like there’s an extra --


It looks like that event has been created in the end - did you create it @james or were you able to do so @Maja_van_der_Velden ?

Yes it will flag if the end time is before the start time (although it should give a message too saying what the problem is).

That is odd. We’d need to test in that specific browser/OS combo.

We use the browser’s own input controls for dates and times, which show based on locale (e.g. ‘Date of event’ is 10/20/2018 - is that correct for Norway though - US-style date?) It could be that based on Maja’s locale settings the time controls also prompt for AM/PM? (I’m guessing that’s what the extra dashes are for, not seconds.) That could be related.

For reference this is how I see it:


I’ll report to the team and see if they can recreate the browser/os/locale combo - however if possible it would be helpful for me to do a screenshare with you @Maja_van_der_Velden and see it directly.

US/UK date format confusion when creating an event


Yes, it is the AM / PM input that was missing. I entered an event using Firefox and it went ok. It still changes it from 18:00 to 06:00 put then I added PM and it was fine. In Norway we use 24 hour clock and date/month/year format (these are also my local settings) - but now that I know that the system is using the US format, I can adapt :wink:

Have a good weekend and thanks for all the help.