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Thank Neil,

In the Hackney Fixers group how do I change Dave to be a Host?

Re inviting vols to join the group. I think we will use the manual route for now, even if “technically” their email isn’t in the Restart database just receiving an unsolicited email from Restart would invite questions.



Hi Neil,

I now have two logins on the Fixometer.

The original one, info@hackneyfixers.org.uk was used to enter all the historical data - my status on this account is host. We can get rid of this account now as long as the data will still be retained. Can you action?

The second account I created on Friday using my personal email and used to enter the party in the park data. My status is not host, but I am able to add/delete items using this login (despite what you said about only hosts being able to add/delete items). Can you upgrade this login to host status?



Hi James,

We’re currently adding in the hosts-setting-other-members-as-hosts feature, but I can action that for you for now in the backend.

Sure - I’ll upgrade that.

Can do - still working on the delete users feature (exactly so as to make sure repair data is retained, while removing personal data), so not just yet though - looking to be ready on Wednesday. In the interim I could probably disassociate it from the group. Before doing so though, just checking - any possibility you might want to keep that as a generic Hackney Fixers account?

That’s odd - will check into it ASAP.


Thanks Neil,

Re Hackney Fixers account. Ok, let’s retain it, but I’ll change the profile to a generic account. Also use this account for the Repair Directory.




Your new account and Dave’s account are now both marked as hosts of Hackney Fixers.



Thanks for the quick response:grinning:

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