Bug report: creating a user group fails



Creating a user groups fails after entering group details.

  • User: Karel De Schepper
  • Error: 500
  • Time: 2018-08-14 11:02:49
  • URL: https://www.restarters.net/group/create
  • Previous URL: https://www.restarters.net/group/create


Thanks for reporting Karel, we’ll look into this ASAP.


From looking at the logs it seems the group was created successfully - the error occurred when sending out an email.

The group is here: https://restarters.net/group/view/59


Ok great! Thanks Neil!

User: Karel De Schepper
Error: 500
Time: 2018-08-14 12:13:45
URL: https://restarters.net/group/invite
Previous URL: https://restarters.net/group/view/59

So I tried to invite people to the group, but apparently some bugs in sending out the email…


I see this error in the logs: Address in mailbox given [info@maakbaarleuven.be;wg_repairapp@maakbaarleuven.be] does not comply with RFC 2822

It looks like two email addresses have ended up combined by a ; - not sure how that happened but we’ll add something in to trap that and report to user rather than giving an exception.

Could you try pressing either comma, tab, or enter, after each email address that you enter?


With enter it works. Thanks for the assistance.
Awesome upgrade btw! Kudos!


You’re welcome, thanks Karel :slight_smile:

For reference, issue with ; logged here: