Broken profile pictures on Talk



It looks like the default profile pictures (for members that haven’t yet uploaded a custom one) aren’t displaying reliably at the moment. These are the single-colour pictures that contain the first letter of the user’s name (like Divya and Monique in the screenshot below).

E.g. looking at the list of users:

Most profile pictures are simply missing/broken. The image sources mostly lead to 404 pages (example). Profile pictures users have uploaded manually (e.g. Mark and Frances above) are fine.


Potential solution here:


The error from Nginx suggests the avatar image doesn’t exist - which is odd. It definitely used to for users without a profile picture set.

This is one for Discoursehosting - as if it’s an Nginx configuration issue, they’d need to look at that, or if we need to run the command in the post (./launcher restart app), they’d also need to run that.

It’s probably the latter, wondering if there was a Discourse update that just happened.

I can drop them an email later, or go ahead @james if you get chance.


The missing profile pictures seem to have returned! :thinking:
I’ll hold off contacting Discoursehosting and monitor for the time being…

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