Broken event links on Dashboard



A couple of people (Clare from Portsmouth and Hólmar from Akureyri) have reported encountering 404 errors when clicking through to edit an event from the Dashboard:


Clare couldn’t remember exactly what she had clicked before getting this error.


I’ve asked Hólmar for more details.


Thanks for reporting - going off the URL in the error ( it looks like the link is missing the event id, and also going to the wrong place… ‘view’ rather than ‘edit’. Have logged and reported.


Another report of the same error, this time from @Margaret_Hersee:

I entered the site, found the event and clicked on the link to upload repairs but got the above error message.


Clare has encountered this issue again and this time was able to screenshot the offending link:

Clicking ‘Add a device’ results in the following error:


This is fixed now - thanks!

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