BattPat: Monitoring & Calibration



Good news for BattPat users.

You can now easily check your BattPat Earth continuity, Insulation and Polarity functions using a CheckBox Kit.

This kit is a great help to check your tester in between annual calibration.
Monitoring plays an essential part to provide meaningful & reliable test results.

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I take it you’ve got a CheckBox? Is it one of these?

It looks like it simply contains a set of test resistors. I’ve been thinking recently that you could quite easily make one, and in Googling for CheckBox I came across instructions for doing exactly that:

But that’s fine if you have a PAT tester with a readout of the actual earth leakage and earth continuity, and you can see whether it correctly reads the values of the resistors in your checkbox. But for a go/no go tester such as BatPAT as used by many groups you’d need a lot more test resistors and various switches to switch them in and out to check for Pass and Fail, e.g. looking at the BatPAT spec you’d need (roughly) 2.1MΩ and 1.9MΩ for Class I insulation, 4.2MΩ and 3.8MΩ for Class II, 220/270mΩ for 10m lead earth continuity, 480/520mΩ for 25m lead and 780/820mΩ for 40m lead.


Hi All

Thank for your reply.

You do need a precise/accurate checkbox kit (designed for the BattPat) in order to determine if the fail threshold & functions are correct. Without knowing this information is equivalent to testing blindfolded.

A yearly calibration is essential as well as checking the good working order (see list of tests**) of a BattPat on a regular basis. Simply pat testing and relying on the Pass/Fail information is not sufficient; the information needs to be meaningful and reliable.

Using a standard checkbox (off the shelf: like Seaward, Kewtech, etc.) to regularly check the BattPat is not a solution at all. This type of checkbox requires the pat tester to have a digital display to compare result. The BattPat does not have a digital display.

DIYing a checkbox kit good enough to check the BattPat is a solution. However, this requires precise/accurate/calibrated testing equipment, a good design, the correct material as well as skills/knowledge.

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** List of recommended tests for the BattPat (regular tests)
-Detecting Earth Continuity faults (3 tests): Less than 0.1Ω, 0.25Ω fail threshold, 0.50Ω fail threshold
-Detecting Insulation faults (3 tests): Less than 0.1Ω, 2MΩ fail threshold, 4MΩ fail threshold
-Detecting Polarity faults (5 tests): Earth conductor fault, Line conductor fault, Neutral conductor fault, Line-Neutral conductor reversed fault, Line-Earth conductor reversed fault.
-Insulation Test Voltage: 360V
NB: manufacturer tolerances needs to be respected.

For more information on testing tools & equipment as well as formal calibration, please contact Jo on 07 508 508 200 or email

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