Assign tags to volunteers (Fixometer)



I suggest to assign tags to the volunteers, so that we can better manage them.
For instance, it will let us know if they are students from this or that school.
Thanks !


Thanks for this Saad!

Just to pull out a bit more detail here, what are the kinds of thing you’d be hoping to use volunteer tags for? E.g. inviting specific volunteers to certain events?


Hi James,
Exactly !

  1. Invite to specific events.
  2. Engage discussion towards specific events


Hi James, and happy new year!
I wonder if you have a solution so that we can categorize the volunteers ?
cc : @Nebojsa_Adzic


Hi Saad, happy new year to you too!

Thanks for the nudge :wink:
We’re still in the initial scoping out phase of this as there were a number of high priority things we needed to get done before the end of the year. But now we’re revving up again, we can take a proper look at what this would require in terms of development time and where it would fit alongside other priorities.

Watch this space :slight_smile:


Hi James, I hope you’re doing well !

My colleague @Nebojsa_Adzic is struggling with the management of the Restarters vs. events. It would really be helpful to have a way to categorize the volunteers as an admin in order to assign them to specific events and, if possible, send them targeted communications. He does twice the job, manually, which is time consuming.
Do you think you can put this development in the priorities ?

Besides, some volunteers often reported they didn’t receive event invitations sent from the platform. I don’t know if it’s a bug.

Thank you so much,


Hi Saad, all good thanks!

Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties @Nebojsa_Adzic.

From what you’ve described, I think we can suggest an alternative approach that would be possible with existing functionality.

We’d recommend creating different groups on for each area or type of event you run. With multiple groups, you can ask volunteers to join only those groups relevant to them. All notifications would then be sent just to those people, no filtering required.

This is how it works in London and Leicestershire here in the UK and is starting to work in Flanders and Wallonia in Belgium.

^ Groups in London representing different areas and types of event (including a school)

We’re currently building new features for regional co-ordinators, which will allow groups in your own network to be connected by tags for reporting purposes (impact stats etc.). We’re also developing an API that any of your external sites will be able to call and pull through the relevant impact data from your groups.

These kind of regional management tools are an emerging priority for us and we think they could make your lives significantly easier!

In terms of communications, there are some additional options here on the forum. I notice that the Montreal group isn’t used at the moment, but there’s potential for this to be used as a centralised communications centre.

The group message function can be an effective way of sending messages to all volunteers (as well as for discussions). But we can also create a Montreal forum category (we have one for #london - feel free to temporarily join the London group to see this).

If needed, you could also have separate discussion groups for each Fixometer group if you want to keep communications compartmentalised. These could be public or private.

Would those approaches work for you?

Finally, we’ll look into event invitations - we can’t see any errors on our end so far, but we’ll keep you updated. We did notice that a number of people in the INSERTECH group have email notifications disabled in their preferences. Those volunteers will need to change their preferences to start receiving event invitations.

Hope that all makes sense :slight_smile:



Thank you James! That makes sense. We’ll let you know how it’s going