500 error during registration



I’ve had a report from Tom of the Leuven crew, who encountered a 500 error at the end of the registration process and wasn’t able to access the platform (even though the account creation was successful, if incomplete).

Error: 500
Time: 2018-08-22 19:28:36
URL: https://restarters.net/user/register/c10ea23c4e70f8db9d8a0990
Previous URL: https://restarters.net/user/register/c10ea23c4e70f8db9d8a0990


Hi James!

I’ve looked into this. Based on the URL supplied, it’s difficult to know whether this is an invite for a group or event because the invite no longer exists. I suspect the URL/invite email was shared from another user of the platform. Although, I can also see three separate registrations for Tom, two which were on the same day, another was eight days earlier - it is possible he used the same link more than once.

These URLs are one-use, i.e. when they are used, they are deleted. We do this because the data is no longer necessary to keep. The invite definitely existed before because you can’t send an email without the hash (the long string at the end of the URL).

It might be possible to use the data in another way - perhaps a conversation for myself and @neil. For now, I’ve put some additional code to bypass the invite if used more than once, this will continue the registration process (the next step is to redirect to the dashboard) but will not automatically join the user into the event or group. So should this occur again, there will be no 500 error.




Thanks Dean, that’s super helpful and useful to know if anyone else reports the same thing.

Thanks too for the temporary fix :slight_smile: